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Stress analysis

Loopsin considers that the structure dimension stress analysis is frequently a critical element within the value chain of product. Our team knows how to guarantee performance while respecting costs and managing the planning. 


We usually work in environment where the quality monitoring is very important (like spacial, aeronautics, energy, medical or luxury clockmaking) so we understand your needs and are very careful to ensure our analysis and documents match with highest required levels.  

Loopsin does followings analysis : 


  • Linear static

  • Non-linear static

  • Fatigue

  • Thermo-elastic

  • Buckling

  • Linear dynamic (sine,  random, shock)

  • Bolted joins 

  • Welded joins

Loopsin is able to do all the analysis including final report analysis in our offices or at client’s place. Our stress analysis software skill is including :



  • MSC Nastran

  • NX Nastran


  • ANSYS Workbench

  • Mathcad


We present just above some of our successful projects (for confidentiality reasons we do not precise the name of the projects) : 


  • satellites (glabal dynamic analysis of primaries, secondaries and tertiaries structures including vibration tests with their prediction and correlation)

  • MGSE (Mechanical Ground Support Equipment) like lifting devices, adapters, clamps bands, MPT (Multi Purpose Trolley) and others supports. 

  • Luxuries clockmakers mechanism 

  • Primary and secondary planes structures certifications (fuselage, aircraft interior) 

  • Offshore structures control (FPSO)


Among standards we use : Eurocode, ECCS, F.E.M, MMPDS, AFNOR.



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22 avenue Pierre Lefaucheux

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Nos compétences / Our skills: