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In a company the IT infrastructure is very important, we deal with projects management from creation to closing website, our technicians and projects manager are able to act on precise subjects within their own environment.


Loopsin take responsibility for change management and support. From level 0 to 3, we are able to solve all that issues depending on various intervention ways : Helpdesk or IT Support.


We help our clients to change : migration, tools transformation or apps evolution. We are able to integrate these solutions in your company. We also act on network virtualization and on systems migration.

  • Helpdesk

  • Users support

  • Network administrator

  • PMO

  • Projects manager

  • Infrastructures experts




1601 rue Saint-Denis Suite 300, Montreal, qc H2X 3K3


22 avenue Pierre Lefaucheux

92100 Boulogne-Billancourt


Chemin Du Jura 23, 1135 Denens

Tel : +1 514 553 2237

Tel : +33 6 28 91 02 78

Tel : +41 78 734 45 15

Nos compétences / Our skills: