Our business sectors


Loopsin certifies and tests your subassemblies thanks to a team with 10 years of experience in various sectors. 


Moreover and due to its skills well-known by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) for example, we are able to certify your pieces from those organizations. 


Loopsin is a team with aeronautic, naval, space and automotive skills on the major part subassemblies.


The industry is changing fast and perpetually. Loopsin participate to innovative and successful projects like industrialization, assembly or document resource. Skills have changed during those pasts years and we transformed into our competences. 


We contribute also to your transition adapting your tools to your production lines. Following Lean process we are sure about the human engineering and the profitability. Thanks to a combination of skills (mechanic and IT) we are able to meet your expectations.


Moreover, the industry has been also impacted by the digital evolution and has created discussions about the 4.0 industry / factory. 


Démarches Lean




Since its creation Loopsin works on e-commerce evolution on Front and Back development subjects and this on many technologies. 


We work hard on projects management to respond perfectly to clients needs with efficiency and traceability.

Web & Software

Any sector can pass through the digital transformation that is why Loopsin evolve to anticipate and help you with those changes. We essentially work on tools development of your company from specification to maintenance. Our skills allow us to help you during all your project steps and to be sure about the interaction between all the professions of your informations systems.

Bank & Insurance

Bank and insurance did not stop changing their supports and work tools each one more demanding than the last. Loopsin help companies of those areas to advance their digital tools and infrastructures.